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Hi, I'm MilkTiTs.TK
I'm not, a porn star (if you find this... you are in the wrong place, sorry :P).
I'm a normal girl, your neighboring, the girl you meet in the elevator, the girl you're traveling on the subway or bus... the supermarket cashier, the girl you see at class, The girl of your office, but believe it or not I'm too shy.  What do I have special? I'm sweet, attentive and participatory in my web.
Not only you see all my photos and videos... you can feel me, because I spend a lot of time in my web, in my webcam and in other sections of my web. If you become my FWB you can see all I can do for you.
Also I have great and big bobbys jijiji and them give milk too, like a little cow jijiji.
My pussy is special too because if touch the bottom of my vagina I lose all my control jijii, is like push a button("today no please, I have a headache" but if touch me there... can do whatever you want jajaj, sometimes I fainted, so be careful :P)
Fantasies I want to practice:
My biggest fantasy is to have sex with a girl.
Also I love to see girls with cum in their cute faces.
Sometimes I love to be a bad girl in the street and in public places jijijiji
Fantasies do not want to realize but I like:   
 I fantasize about rape.
I fantasize about being a prostitute.
But these fantasies do not want them to be real, just think about it for play.

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